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Asseco PST wins OutSystems International Innovation Award

Asseco PST was distinguished at the OutSystems 2018 Innovation Awards, in the "Business Efficiency" category. These awards recognise organisations and individuals that, at the international level, use the OutSystems platform to enhance the productivity and proactivity of their technology solutions, giving them a key role in creating value for the business and increasing innovation.

In partnership with Do It Lean, an elite Partner of Outsystems, Asseco PST used the OutSystems platform to create a new way to manage the lifecycle of the sales process, from registering a new contact to completing the sales opportunity.

Two apps - AppSales, a sales management system, and AppProjects, a project management system - automate the end-to-end sales process, from the start of the contact to the end, supporting the entire project management process until the final delivery to the customer.

Integrated with the SAP software, these two applications are responsible for increasing the efficiency of sales teams, providing greater transparency to those responsible for controlling operations.

This allows Asseco PST to join nearly thirty other entities (including prestigious national companies, such as ANA Aeroportos, CTT, BPI, EDP, Luz Saúde,...), which have garnered awards around the globe for their world-class projects on the road to digital transformation.

The winners were announced by OutSystems at its annual conferences in Boston and Amsterdam.