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The ASSECO GROUP, in its process of international expansion, has just strengthened its confidence in EXICTOS, announcing its integration into the new Holding of the Group, ASSECO INTERNACIONAL (AI)
AI is an ambitious project that may even include, in the near future, the Holding's debut in an important European stock market, as stated by the President of the ASSECO GROUP, Adam Góral:

So far, the CEOs of individual companies in the group have focused primarily on developing their own businesses. By joining forces with Asseco International, we have gained the ability to implement a truly ambitious international project. In the future, we may even consider ASSECO International's debut in the stock market, via one of the Western European stock exchanges.
Representation at ASSECO INTERNATIONAL is the corollary of the purchase of a majority stake in EXICTOS by the ASSECO GROUP, with the aim of strengthening its presence in Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly in emerging African countries – Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

AI will be led by Jozef Klein, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new holding, which will include in its structure Przemysław Sęczkowski (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco, Poland, involved in the Group's international operations), Marek Panek and Rafał Kozłowski, and the chairmen of foreign companies Piotr Jeleński, Torben Falholt, José Antonio Pinilla and Daniel Araújo.

We should highlight the integration, and rather relevant representativeness of the Chairman of EXICTOS, Daniel Araújo, in the new management body of the international companies of the ASSECO Group, a fact that is surely related to the growth in turnover witnessed over recent years, which allowed diversifying objectives and working together with the ASSECO GROUP in business opportunities in Northern and Eastern Europe, and strengthening investments in emerging African markets.