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How to be successful in the 'new normal'

It has now been one year since our lives changed, with the introduction of a word that we practically only knew from dictionaries: pandemic. One year of remote working later, a good part of it under lockdown, Asseco PST has been able to reinvent itself and adapt, whilst maintaining its purpose of continuously improving customer service.

At Asseco PST, we quickly and nimbly adapted to the 'new normal', working on most projects remotely, with the indispensable support of our local presence in the various markets in which we operate. Even before the government had decreed compulsory confinement, we had already implemented a remote working model for all employees.

The last 12 months have been highly challenging because of uncertainties and ever changing variables. But nothing has prevented us from always remaining fully connected – across teams, across geographies – and in permanent contact with customers.

We won new digital projects in Angola and Mozambique; we implemented an innovative pricing solution in São Tomé and Príncipe; we developed a new interface using Bloomberg's FXGO platform; we established a partnership with Asseco SEE (Southern Eastern Europe) to develop a digital channels solution in Timor; and we implemented the first international financial transfer tracking solution, via Swift GPI Tracker, in Portugal; amongst several other projects.

On the development front, we kept our momentum in research and innovation, and came up with proofs of concept for machine learning and blockchain.

Faced with the need to find a new model that would allow us to stay close to customers during the pandemic, we organised and participated in multiple webinars, forums and online conferences over the last 12 months. As early as the first quarter of 2021, we promoted two webinars with two world-class partners: IBM and Dell Technologies.

Committed to strengthening ties with universities, we sponsored the 'FCT Entrepreneurship' course run by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa [NOVA University Lisbon]. We also kept our sense of active social responsibility alive by undertaking volunteering and community intervention activities. Through our Solidarity Team, the mission-driven spirit of the company and its employees was felt on several fronts, from Lisbon to Beirut, from Madeira to Mozambique and Angola.

The first quarter of 2021 has already shown that this year may be even more challenging than 2020, the year in which 'confinement', 'quarantine', 'asymptomatic' and 'swabs' were amongst the most searched words in dictionaries around the world. In the face of the challenges ahead, we shall remain resilient, but also efficient and ambitious. Without ever forgetting our ambition to continuously improve customer service.

We are Asseco PST!