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EXICTOS Solidária provides help to those in need

Over the last few months, EXICTOS Solidária has intensified its Social Responsibility intervention, by promoting social action initiatives in 3 of the geographic locations where it operates: Mozambique, Angola and Portugal.

In September 2017, it was involved in the organisation of a charity event in Maputo, called 'Um saco vazio não fica em pé, um saco cheio dança e canta' (An empty bag cannot stand, a full bag can dance and sing) for the children of the 1º de Maio Nursery, having donated personal hygiene products, food and other basic necessity items to the toddlers.

Two months later, in Luanda, the children of the 'Não há Órfãos em Deus' Children's Shelter also enjoyed a sweeter Christmas Party thanks to our help, having received food and treats. Our colleagues in Angola were also happy to take part in this Christmas campaign by purchasing raffle tickets, whose proceeds went to the children of the Orphanage.

In 2018, EXICTOS became a partner of ACA – Associação Conversa Amiga, a charity organisation based in the city of Funchal. This partnership involved a sponsorship for the project 'Cacifos Solidários' (solidarity lockers). This is an innovative project that promotes the dignity, protection and safety of homeless people's belongings, besides serving to establish a relationship of help and trust with a reference team that provides psychosocial care. The first step was taken on 18 January, at the head office of EXICTOS, with a film session where participants watched the film/documentary 'Ruas da Amargura' (dire straits), while sitting/lying on sleeping bags, which, in the end, were handed over to the ACA to be distributed to homeless people in Funchal.

Also, in Portugal, in the city of Lisbon, 2 initiatives were carried out – one in December 2017 and another one about a month ago. In the first one, EXICTOS Solidária, purchased Christmas baskets to give as raffle prizes at the company's parties, as part of the 'blanket campaign.' Proceeds from the sale of these raffle tickets were used to purchase sleeping bags, which were then offered to two Charities – LGW – Legião da Boa Vontade and ACA - Associação Conversa Amiga (in Lisbon). The second one was held in February, when EXICTOS donated a classroom computer to the António Nobre School, in S. Domingos de Benfica.

Our concern with solidarity initiatives has led us to create EXICTOS SOLIDÁRIA, which promotes our aspect of Social Responsibility. Since May 2017, we have been making a difference for those who need it the most. We take part in volunteering and intervention activities in the Communities in which we operate, carrying out differentiating projects throughout the year, always guided by the values of Giving, Sharing, Volunteering and Solidarity.