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Asseco PST shows itself in Mozambique

In May, following its involvement at two consecutive events, Asseco PST shone in Mozambique. On the 9th, we welcomed our clients at the "Digital Transformation" conference in Maputo. Six days later, we were in full swing at MozTech 2019 - Digital Expo of Mozambique, the country's largest showroom in the ICT area.

These were the first large events where we were engaged in this African market. In common, they had the same stage (the capital, Maputo) and the central topic under discussion (the challenges of digital transformation). For the local economic agents, the image of modernity and the recognition of our competences will surely last, which we also try to convey on a daily basis, in all the regions where we operate.

With the "Digital Transformation" event, we tried to replicate in Maputo what we had already done successfully in Luanda, welcoming guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence, side by side with the Mozambican capital's waterfront.

In the Angolan programme, we kept our partnership with IBM and added the contribution of the Infrastructure & Security area. In the end, the interactive space "Digital Experience" again stimulated the general attention and allowed for multiple conversations. At the same time, it provided the approximately fifty participants at the conference with direct contact with the technological solutions developed by the company for Mozambican clients.

From 15 to 17 May, we were at MozTech 2019, attending an event that took place this year for the sixth time. CEO Daniel Araújo, Administrator José Nunes and Head of Data & Analytics João Gonçalves were our main speakers. The first as a keynote speaker with a presentation on the banking of the future; José Nunes and João Gonçalves as members of two panels with other international experts.

During these three days, thousands of visitors came by and saw our own booth located in the exhibition centre, as well as the booth shared with our partner IBM, focused on the area of infrastructure and security. The local media devoted numerous articles and reports to the event and our CEO was the centre of one of them on the main nightly newscast of the TV station STV.