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Mozambique Academy certificates Award

Asseco Academy awarded the first certificates in Mozambique to the group of trainees who completed their training program this month. In total, the course had 18 candidates, now eligible to enter the job market.

The high quality training academy conceived by Asseco PST was created in Mozambique at the beginning of the year. The first edition of the course in the area of information technologies applied to the financial sector comes to an end in June. The new graduates, all newly university students recruited at the main universities in the country, are now eligible to enter the job market with more skills and in depth knowledge in the various aspects of the banking business.

The structure of Asseco Academy in Maputo replicates the model launched in Angola in 2018, where the academy has already promoted three courses and is preparing the fourth. The number of candidates has been increasing by each edition, with the choice of the trainees being made after a rigorous selection process.

The first course in the Mozambican capital had the participation of 18 trainees who now end their training program of 240 hours, taught over eight weeks, during working hours. Funded entirely by Asseco PST, the course had no costs for trainees. In addition to fully equipped rooms, the company ensured the trainers responsible for various thematic contents.

Following the presentation of the final papers by each trainee, at an event open to Asseco PST clients in Mozambique, their curricula will now be distributed through the banking sector. The aim is to rapidly integrate them into the labour market, taking into account that "the certification of Asseco Academy enables new professionals to provide a differentiated and excellent service", explains Célia Catarino, head of the company's Human Resources and Corporate Governance.