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Why Asseco PST

We are proud to work in a multicultural environment, on three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia. This is our culture, which is why your talent interests us. At Asseco PST, you will have opportunities to gain world-class learning. With us, you can have the career you’ve always dreamed of. We are committed to offering our employees the credibility, motivation and all the tools they need to grow in their job. Together, we will share a better future.

Professional Success

Professional success is greatly related to development of the following skills:

Focus on quality

Customer First



Honesty and Transparency in Communication

Openness to Change

Constant Quest for Results

Respect Competing Companies

Continuous Training


    Indispensable Values for our Human Resources


    Asseco PST is focused on developing all the potential of its employees.

    All the employees are included in a training plan adjusted to their career; there are also multiple activities and corporate events aimed at achieving motivational and relational improvement within the company. Communication, Motivation and Work Environment are highly relevant to Asseco PST, as we seek to garner motivated employees with the ability to deliver value to our Customers.


    Highly qualified teams are Asseco PST' greatest advantage. This is why the company invests on the talent of its employees, in accordance with a strategic vision, while enhancing their occupational skills. Asseco PST’ training policy is based on the intellectual potential of each employee – and this translates into the high-quality services provided to its customers.


    Asseco PST is focused on maintaining an effective level of internal communication, especially as concerns values such as commitment, respect and professionalism. These are all basic factors of the company’s Human Resource policy.

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